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Humans are the same, but our geography is different. The USA design was mainly created with vast amounts of space in mind. Europe and other cities were made well before transportation could Canada Goose sale easily get people canada goose uk black friday around, so cities canada goose outlet sale are dense, and designed with this is mind. When European cities were developed, canada goose coats they didn have the cheap Canada Goose ability to drive canada goose outlet new york city 60 miles in an hour. But places like California, everyone already canada goose outlet uk sale had a car by the time Los Angeles was being developed.

Hence why logistically it a completely different thing. It really comparing apples to oranges here. I looking outside my patio overlooking all of Las Vegas, and I can think of how a functional rail system could be designed. First, we need underground rail, with a lot of express lanes to different parts of canada goose outlet toronto factory the city. canada goose clearance sale Then possibly some more local transports canada goose uk shop to get from the hubs. But even then I cna think of canada goose outlet in usa that last few miles. Commercial centers alone are quarter square mile chunks, next to a golf course. And the suburban developments are massive taking 45 minutes to walk from a public corner to Canada Goose Online a house. Ultimately, it just easier to uk canada goose drive and skip public transport.

It canada goose parka just cheap canada goose uk not reasonable. In Berlin, it makes canada goose outlet uk sense. Everyone lives in dense areas, inside large buildings. The USA isn like that canada canada goose goose jacket outlet at all.

We could canada goose black friday sale create a rail network. Just no one would Canada Goose Parka ever use it. Our cities aren designed to handle it. I live in Vegas. It sprawling. So if my friends took a rail in from LA to visit me, I ultimately have to pick Canada Goose online them canada goose outlet canada up with a car. The city has public transport, but since thecanadagooseoutlet it so sprawling, canada goose outlet online they rely on official canada goose canada goose black friday sale outlet me or Uber to get around canada goose outlet online uk because public transport doesn make sense in a sprawling city which would require an unbelievable amount of stops. It takes me 45 minutes in a car to get to my office, canada goose outlet store I could only imagine how long that would take with a new city train. And then if it did, how would I get canada goose factory outlet from the hub, to my actual office? canada goose outlet jackets It all inconvenient because of how spread out we are. It not like Europe which is really canada goose outlet parka dense with their cities. The only US places which it goose outlet canada would be practical are places like SF and NYC, and that about it.

People keep insisting the reason the canadian goose jacket US doesn have good canada goose buy canada goose jacket cheap outlet nyc rail is canada goose outlet shop simply because we don invest into it. That just not the case. Europe and the canada goose outlet reviews rest of the world is entirely different than the USA. The USA was built way after them. The cities abroad were built during times before transportation. So cities were dense, which is why today, in a city in Europe you don need a car to canada goose uk outlet get around. It dense enough to just use public transport.

The USA, Canada Goose Jackets on the otherhand, was developed, mostly in the west, after we canada goose outlet black friday had transportation. Cities are sprawled out. If you took a rail from SF uk canada goose outlet to LA, you have no way of getting around LA. You canada goose factory sale practically need cars to get around any city you go to. Public transportation just isn realistic since we have so much sprawl.

What? Getting defensive? How are you reading the tone of my text? I just pointed out the part where I said how I’m sure there are some canada goose coats on sale canada goose outlet store uk people.

I basically said originally that it’s really Canada Goose Coats On Sale not a thing, that sure some people are into it from a real serious perspective. Obviously I don’t need to Canada Goose Outlet even point out exceptions. When I say that people don’t go buy human meat from the store, that it’s not a thing, I think it’s redundant to point out that cannibals exist.

You just pointed out that there is an exception. That some people take it seriously. You can say that about literally anything. There are always exceptions. But I’d say 98% of people buying homeopathic stuff from Walgreens have no idea what homeopathy even means; and the companies selling it all know it’s a bullshit loophole to sell garbage.

Well the USA is constantly engaging in either direct military conflict or covertly. canada goose store So to Russians we are proper military aggressors and the thing canada goose outlet in Ukraine is more of a liberation movement.

With canada goose clearance NATO it’s just encroaching. Imagine if Canada and Mexico put tons of military bases and missile defense systems right on their borders aimed at the USA, who also ran annual military training drills pretending to fight America. It would make you feel uncomfortable buy canada goose jacket to say the least.

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